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Relax Your Way to Better Health:

A mind-body approach to healing eating challenges

Envision accessing your inner wisdom to better understand your challenges with food. Feel inspired, empowered, and nourished. If this sounds appealing, this workshop might be for you. Relax Your Way to Better Health will guide you toward:
  • understanding how stress affects weight and quality of life
  • exploring awareness as a tool for personal growth
  • learning how to relax for health and wellness

In this workshop you will learn tips and techniques for stress management that will leave you feeling relaxed and nourished in ways that will positively impact your life and stay with you long after the workshop has ended. Sign up and start the process of healing your eating challenges.

Dates: Sundays, September 22, October 20, November 17, and December 15

Time: 1:00 to 4:00 PM

Cost: $210

Facilitated by: Deborah Cort and Danielle Ravenelle

Hosted by: The Center for Psychological Health and Well-Being

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Many eating challenges can be related to stress. By understanding sources of stress we can create awareness. Through awareness, we can start to see that we have choices.

This workshop addresses healing eating challenges through discussion and experiential activities.

SESSION 1: An Overview of Stress

What is stress and its overall impact on mind-body-spirit

What are some symptoms of stress

Understanding the role of awareness and relaxation

SESSION 2: Stress and the Mind

Creating awareness around thoughts

Understanding choices in times of stress

Learning to make conscious choices that support goals

SESSION 3: Stress and the Body

What is the impact of stress hormones

Understanding the role of stress and relaxation for overall well-being

Learning embodiment practices

SESSION 4: Stress and Spirit

Learning to unpack the need to control

Nourishing self

Creating space for acceptance

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Workshop Facilitators Danielle and Deborah share a passion for building and healing in community and being of service. Between them they bring a wealth of knowledge and diverse experience with the common thread of enhancing connection with self and creating a life of meaning, health and joy.

Danielle is Co-founder of the Center for Psychological Health and Well-Being. She is trained in sound/vibrational therapy, therapeutic breathwork, meditation, health coaching and she is a certified yoga instructor. Danielle’s current concentration is on conscious parenting, the psychology of eating and connection with the earth. She is interested in the many ways we create, move and consciously shift energy in our lives.

Deborah is a Holistic Health Coach and founder of Divinely Nourishing where she focuses on one-on-one and group coaching. Deborah draws on her background in psychology of eating, integrative nutrition, conscious relationships, SoulCollage, Reiki and spiritual mentoring to provide a rich base for her clients. Learn more about Deborah by visiting her website

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